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Wish Outdoor Festival...WMI Global is the official medical provider for the Wish Outdoor Festival.
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Hagg Lake Triathlon/Duathlon...WMI Global is the official medical provider for the Hagg Lake Triathlon/Duathlon.
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WMI Global, Inc.

Offers professional global event risk management, safety, emergency / sports medical, and rescue services. They provide events and tours with the best in national and international services that include risk management and safety as well as emergency / sports medical and rescue event coverage. WMI Global is the preferred medical provider chosen year after year by the largest event-marketing corporations and the best athletes on the planet. WMI Global's purpose is to develop, utilize and implement highly effective medical techniques, skills and procedures to provide athletes globally with the best care possible, offering a safe as possible environment for athletes to compete at their optimum potential. Their care extends beyond just athletes to protecting the promoters, federations, and governing organizations that help make these events possible.
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The World's best medical network designed for professional athletes and promoters with their needs and demands of medical care in mind.
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